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A Practical Workshop

Learning to hear God's voice is crucial if you desire to grow in your walk with Jesus. Oftentimes, new believers are overwhelmed with the vastness of God's Word, and aren't sure where to begin. Some read through the Bible cover to cover. Others use devotional books to guide them. Some open their Bible randomnly and begin reading. Some never read their Bible at all, because they don't get anything from it. What if you could learn a simple Bible study method that would make God's Word come to life?

What if every time you opened the Bible, you could hear God's voice and receive revelation that speaks directly to you and your current situation? What if you could receive God guidance and provision every time you opened His Word? Would you want to learn this simple method?


You've heard the saying, "Give a man (or woman) a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man (or woman) to fish and you can feed them for a lifetime." 


In this three hour workshop, David teaches believers how to feed themselves by hearing God's voice virtually everytime they open His Word.

When Jesus first began His public ministry He was walking by the shore of Galilee and He spotted Peter and Andrew casting their nets into the water.

He said to them, "Follow me and I'll make you fishers of men (people)."




As believers, Jesus calls us 'to fish for people.' In order to witness effectively,  we must know His Word and be able to hear His voice clearly. Genuine evangelism flows from relationship. The more joy we experience from knowing Jesus, the easier it is to share our faith. 


This being true, it is crucial that spiritual leaders teach new belivers how to feed themselves so they can grow. Many churches have excellent training for new believers about their church and how to get involved, but few actually equip these same believers in God's word. Because of this tendency, many believers rely upon their Pastor to spoon feed them weekly. 


In an effort to curb this pattern and help new believers grow and experience a genuine relationship with Jesus, David has created Discovering the Voice of God to supplement chuches when it comes to training new believers.

During the practical workshop, David will teach believers how to study God's word using the simplest method known called: Word Studies.

During 'Discovering The Voice' of God You Will Learn:

1. How to come to your devotional times with excitement and expectancy.

2. How to use the easiest Bible program online.

3. How to search for 'key words' that are meaningful to you.

4. How hear God's voice by asking Him questions and receiving answers.

5. Much, much more.

Discovering God's Voice will take your walk with Jesus to a whole new level and literally take the 'quiet' out of your 'quiet times.'


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Info and What To Bring:

This is workshop for believers who are serious about growing in their walk with God. It is not simply a teaching where you sit and listen. This is a roll up your sleeves, dig your hands in, and learn 'how to fish' in God's Word so you can feed yourself regularly, type of lesson.


This being the case, there are some items you should bring.

1. It is preferred that if you have a laptop bring it. Otherwise bring a tablet or phone. Make sure you bring your charger cord also.

2. Bring a couple pens also as you will receive a workbook when you arrive. 

3. Bring something to drink like coffee or water.

The cost of the seminar is $20 per person. 

(For Churches: Cost of the seminar is $2000 plus $20 per person plus travel expenses, such as meals, hotel, and airfair.)