The 7 Keys to Discovering Paradise

The 7 Keys are built upon this simple equation.



Ultimate Happiness and Life Success = Your Greatest Passions + Your Best Relationships


The 7 Secret Keys Explained

Key #1 - The Destination: Ultimate Happiness and Life Success

The equation above begins with the goal in mind: happiness and success. Here's why. When you go on a journey, the first thing you do is search for the destination. You input that into your car GPS or phone and then let a map app guide you on your journey. The same is true for success in life.


The goal however, is not success itself. The goal is greater.


The goal is success, combined with your greatest passions, and your best relationships: ultimately love.


When you combine all three of these keys properly, they create ultimate happiness. Thus our goal is happiness AND success. Thus, our formula begins with the destination in mind: ultimate happiness (which is your best relationships) combined with success.


Success though, is defined differently by everyone. How you define success may be very different from my defintion, therefore it is critical that you define what success is to you. For example, how Elon Musk defines success is very different from how a local car salesman defines success. Therefore, it's best that I help you define success for yourself. This way, as a life coach, I can be certain I am aligning my coaching to your definition of success.

Key #2 - The Vehicle: Your Best Relationships

To begin your journey, you need to have a reliable vehicle to take you to your destination. Everybody has different tastes, that's why we all drive different types and even colors of vehicles. There are gas powered cars, and electric cars. Manual and automatic cars. Cars, Suv's, Vans, and Trucks. Every vehicle serves a different purpose and fulfills differents needs. The same is true of relationships.


The relationships you choose in your life

are the vehicles that you 'travel in' to take you to your destination. 

If you find you are headed somewhere you don't want to be going, it's most likely a relationship problem. You could be aligning yourself with people who are taking you the wrong direction. Realign your life by changing your relationships. Choose the right vehilce that will take you to your destination. Your associates, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse will have more influence upon your journey than almost anything else, therefore, choose not only the 'right relationships,' choose 'the best relationships.'

Key #3 - The Roads: Your Greatest Dreams/Passions


The next thing you need to do is to choose the right roads to take you to your destination. The map apps will oftentimes give you varying routes to your destination. You then choose the right roads that fit your goals  such as: 'take the scenic route,' or 'get there fast as I can.'


You see, there are many roads in life, and most of them won't take you to your destination. There are only a few roads that will actually take you where you want to be.


Your dreams and passions are the roads your travel upon to reach your destination.


Learn to dream again and how to unlock your greatest dreams and passions and you will have discovered the right roads to take you to your destination: ultimate happiness and success. My job as a life coach is to help you unlock your biggest dreams and passions (the proper roads) so they can become reality and take you to your ultimate destination.

Key #4 - The Fuel/Motivation: Love

You have now discovered three of the seven secret keys. Next, you need the proper fuel (motivation). You can have the proper destination, the right roads, and the best vehicle, but if you don't have the proper fuel, you simply won't go anywhere. You can't put diesel fuel in a car made for regular gasoline. Do that and you won't make it very far to your destination.

Like roads, there are many motivations in life. Most of them won't take you to the proper destination. Contrary to popular opinion, the end does not justify the means. God does not want you to compromise His values or your convictions simply to discover success. According to God's word (to the best of my knowledge), there are six primary moitivations of mankind. God's word talks repeatedly about the heart and the motives of the heart. Apparently, He is extremely serious about our motives and  He is constantly trying our motives to purify them.


There is only one motivation that will always take you to the proper destination: love.


However, everyone seems to have a different definition of love. Understanding 'love' as God defines it, helps to insure you have the proper motivation to make it to your destination.

Key #5 - Discover a Reliable Map App: Your Guide

As mentioned prevoiusly, typically, the first thing you do when you want to go on a journey is open your map application on your phone. Then, you type your destination into the application. Imagine if the map app that you had chosen led you to the wrong destination 3% of the time. Would you consider that a good map app? Heck no. That's why everyone rates apps. We want to discover the best app for our purposes that are most reliable. 

Here's the analogy: there are many people claiming, "this is the way," but when you follow them, they lead you to the wrong destination. In order to make it to your destination, you must discover the best, most reliable road map. 


The best road map I have discovered is God and His Word.


This is why I base my coaching practice upon God and the Bible.


Key #6 - The Map App Creator: Trust in God's Guidance


Next, and much less obvious to the casual observer, is the issue of learning to surrender control, or learning to trust. After you input your destination into your phone, and after you have chosen your goals of travel (i.e. country roads or highways), you then must surrender the majority of control to the app itself. This means you must surrender control and trust that the map app Creator is going to lead you where you desire to be.


If you have chosen, 'God as your guide,' then God is your 'app Creator.' He is the One choosing your roads to take you to your destination, that is, if you let Him guide you.

Proverbs 3:5-6 it explains it like this:


"Trust in the Lord with all your heart

and do not lean on your own understanding.  

In all your ways acknowledge Him (God),

and He will make your paths straight."


In other words, trust God (the app Creator) with all your heart, don't try to understand the roads the He picks, but acknowledge God regularly and publicly and He will guide you on your journey. If you do these things, He promises to get you to your destination as fast as possible (make your paths straight).

Key #7 - The Key to the Ignition: The Proper Mentor or Life Coach

Finally, you must begin your journey. You can have the proper destination, the right roads, the proper fuel, vehicle, etc. but what use are all of these things if you don't have the key to your auto's ignition? If you don't have the 'proper key' you aren't going anywhere at all.


The proper 'key,' is your life mentor or life coach.

Personally, I have had a few exceptional mentors in my lifetime. These people were the 'keys' to helping me unlock and discover my deepest dreams and passions. These people were also my guides on my journey. They pointed me to God as the primary guide, but God used them to guide me along my journey. Having the proper mentor or life coach is the a major key to helping you unlock your greatest dreams and passions which eventually lead to your destination of ultimate happiness and life success.


In life, these are the seven key components that you must understand and get right to live an ultimately happy and successful life. Get any one of these key components wrong and you could stall your journey. Get two of or three of them wrong and you may never make it to your destination. Get all seven of them right and your journey will be life on auto pilot.

These 7 Secret Keys are what I base my entire life coaching practice around and are also my main topics of continual discussion: Happines and Success, Dreams and Passions, and Relationships Motivated with Love by Discovering the Proper Guide: God. Then, Trusting in God's Guidance by Having the Proper Life Mentor or Life Coach. This is our mission statement and what I call: The Success Equation©

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As I have journeyed through life, I have discovered that there are 7 key components that you must understand and apply if you want to live an ultimately happy and successful life. The 7 keys are built upon this analogy: Life is a Quest for Paradise.

You see, everyone is searching for "Paradise." Whether you realize it or not, you are searching for your own concept of heaven on earth. The odd thing is, Paradise looks different to many people. Your idea of Paradise and my idea of Paradise may or may not be the same.

Although I have clearly defined my idea of Paradise in my up and coming book: GOD'S WILD ROMANCE, an excellent life coach understands not to coerce their personal views and life passions upon others. The greatest skill of a life coach is to ask carefully crafted questions that helps their client discover their own concept of 'Paradise,' then guide them to personal fulfillment.


Now that we agree upon the goal or destination-Paradise, we need to realize that the seach for Paradise is not a sprint. It is a lifelong marathon and there are certain key compnonents you need to comprehend and  tools you need to appropriately use  to help you discover your ideal Paradise.

Let's imagine you live in the United States and you want to travel to Oahu, Hawaii. In order to reach your idyllic destination, you are going to need several key components: a reliable and well maintained mode of transportaion (whether it be a car, an airplane, yacht, or all three), the proper fuel, a captain who is highly skilled at flying or boating, navigational equipment, clear skies, the proper destination and route, and finally, the ignition key. Most of us are so familiar with these components, we typically don't give them a second thought.


On life's journey toward your personal Paradise, these are the same key components that are required to help you achieve your destinationGet any one of these components wrong and you could stall your journey. Get two or three of them wrong and you may never make it to your destination. Get all seven of them right and your journey will be life on auto pilot.