Success/Business Coach


1. Started my first successful business at 30. (1995) By the fourth year I was grossing $400k.

2. Transitioned this business by expanding my services and added a parter. Grew it to $750k in 2006.

3. Economy hit the building/contracting industry hard and I moved to Nasville in 2007.

4. Started over from the ground up. Launched a remodeling business named Artisan Contracting. Eventually rebranded it to Remodel Pro and partnered with a large remodeling firm in Nashville. Did hundreds of high end bathroom and kitchen remodels throughout Nashville.

5. Added a second businesss in 2009 renting watersports equipment: Music City Water Sports. Partnered with Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort in 2011. We rented jet skis, canoes, kayaks, paddle boards and flyboarding.

6. Started another business in March of 2014. Bubble Factory Spas. Grossed $90k in first 9 months. Three months later I gave this business to a previous employee as a reward for several years of faithful sevice.

7. During these 20 years I also did all my own logo creations, website designs and online marketing. I attending several marketing seminars and spent countless hours researching traditional marketing and internet marketing trends. 

8. Grew Music City Water Sports exponentially over seven years and sold it in Spring of 2016 to publish my book, GOD'S WILD DREAM and launch my life coaching business.