Maximizing Your Success Spiritually


Success. Everyone is chasing it. Some people find it. My goal as a life coach is to help you maximize success in five areas of your life: spiritually, soulistically, physically, financially, and relationally. Why have I chosen these five areas? As a biblical studies and psychology major, and as a multiple business owner, I have discovered that there is a profound connection between our spiritual health, our soul health,  our physical health, our financial health, and the quality of our relationships. Let me explain. 

"Is God Real?"

I think most people at some time in their life entertain this thought. And how you answer this question will dictate your overall philosphy of life. I too spent many years as a youth asking this question. Then, one day, out of the clear blue, I heard God's voice. I will always remember the moment, because it was loud and clear, and profound. It was kinda funny becuase I was leaning over the washing machine getting the soap off the the shelf and God whispered a loud thought inside my mind. I won't repeat what He told me, because it was just for me, but He spoke clearly.


The moment I heard Him, I stopped asking "Are you real?" because I heard His voice. When your best friend calls you on the phone, you don't ask, "Are you real?" or "Are you alive?" you know they are both real and alive, because you can hear their voice on the other end of the phone. When you learn to hear God's voice, you quit asking, "Are you real?" and you start asking, "How can we develop a closer relationship?"

This was when my life altered and I began a quest of seaching to know God more intimately. I began attending morning devotionals at my High School Fellowship of Christian Athletes meetings. I also began attending church all in an effort to "know God more." I eventually decided to attend a Christian college and major in Biblical Studies all with one goal in mind: know God more intimately. After years of searching here are some basic conclusions that I have discovered.

God is a Trinity: We are also a Trinity

The Bible explains that God is a spirit being who created time, space, and the material universe along with mankind. The Scripture also explains that God exists in three persons: Father, Son (Jesus), and Holy Spirit. The Bible also reveals that we are created in the image of God : Spirit, Soul, and Body.

Spirit: The spirit of mankind is often equated with the heart within Scripture. The heart is what pumps the blood through our veins to our organs and sustains life. The spirit is also often equated to breath or the air we breathe.

Soul: The soul of mankind is comprised of our mind (thoughts), our will (choices), and our emotions. These dimensions are very real, but can't be seen with physical eyes or touched with human hands, only experienced to know that they are indeed real.

Body: Our body is that part of us that is physical. It's the only part of us that people can physcially see or touch. Our body is made up of bones, organs, skin, etc.

It's the same with God. God is spirit (Holy Spirit), soul (The Father), and body (Jesus). Because Jesus is now in heaven, you can't see God, or touch God, but if you seek Him fervently, you can feel Him, and see the effects of what He does. And if you grow spiritually, you too can learn to hear His voice speaking to you. 

God Speaks Primarily Two Ways: His Voice and His Instruction Manual

As I have already pointed out, it is indeed possible to learn to hear God's voice but this requires practice and spiritual growth and maturity. It also requires a pure heart. The more pure your heart, the more clearly you can hear God's voice.

What other ways does God communicate with mankind? Let me illustrate. Whenever you buy an expensive product and you open the package, it almost always includes an instruction manual. The instruction manual was written by the manufacturer and explains how to use the product most effectively. If you violate the rules in the instruction manual, your product may not operate at maximum capacity...or even at all. Therefore, it's wise that you follow the rules in the manual.

The same goes with God. God created us. And fortunately, we also came with an instruction manual. That manual is called The Bible. Although the Bible can be a confusing book, it is indeed God's instruction manual to mankind which explains how we best operate in every dimension of life: from relationships, to success, health, wealth, emotional well being, and even how to experience true love. 

Because I firmly believe that the Bible is God's instruction manual to mankind, I base my life coaching practice upon these beliefs:


• God is indeed very real

• God is a spirit being often described as 'light'

• God reveals Himself in three persons: Father, Son (Jesus), and Holy Spirit

• God created time, matter, the universe, and man and woman

• God created us in His image: Spirit, Soul, and Body

• God revealed Himself throughout history to men and women who sought Him earnestly

• God also desires to speak to you in order to establish a relationship with you

• God also communicates with His instruction manual: The Bible

• The Bible explains how we operate best

• If you want to function at maximum capacity, obey the manual

• Those who seek God diligently, He rewards greatly

• The culmination of all truth and knowing God has but one purpose: to discover true love, for God is love.

Therefore, my passion as a life coach is to help you achieve maximimum success and ultimate happiness and in five areas of life: spirituall, soulistically, physically, financially, and relationally.


When you succeed in all five areas, you will experience ultimate success, ultimate happiness, and God's infinite love.

 ツ DR