Eve's Rebellious Spirit: Warnings

Repentance is much needed in the church today regarding this subject.

The Bible offers some tangible examples and warnings that we would do well to heed. If you are a Christian, belong to a local church, or are a Pastor who genuinley loves God, you hopefully recognize that His Word has the final authority on all issues, both small and great.

This being said, God's Word gives clear examples of two very different kind of women: Eve vs. Mary. Personally, I call these two type of women: The Spirit of Eve vs. The Spirit of Mary. Today, do the the depth of this teaching, I will only address 'the spirit of Eve.'

Before we begin however, I need to make this point extremely clear: all these qualities below can apply equally to both men and women. Our discussion today, however, is about women and how these qualities affect women and their relationships.

The Spirit of Eve

To begin our discussion, we must start with the story of Adam and Eve, for this is where this 'spirit' first began. As you probably know, Eve was created from the rib of Adam and they were given a command to eat from any tree in the Garden of Eden, except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Satan appeared in the Garden as a snake and deceived Eve with a lie. (Story found in Genesis 2-3.) He told Eve that if she ate, “You surely will not die! For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

Let's examine this passage point by point:

1. First, Satan contradicted what God had told them, and told her that she would not die. This was a complete lie that Satan fed to Eve, and she bit.

2. Satan then convinced Eve that God was trying to keep something from them. "God knows that in the day you eat from it, your eyes will be opened." In other words, "If you eat, you will see things God doesn't want you to see." Another lie: they actually became spiritually blind.

3. Next, the temptation Satan gave to Eve was the same temptation that Satan himself fell prey to: "If you eat, you will be like (become a) God." This was an appeal to her pride. Yet another lie, she became a 'false god.'

4. Finally, he convinced her that there was value in knowing both good and evil.

As we know, Eve took the bait. She ate the 'bad fruit.' This was a direct violation of God's revealed word spoken to Adam, which he would have communicated to Eve. Eve however, wanted to be 'like god.' She wanted to be 'in control her own destiny.' She wanted to control Adam too, and in fact, she did. Adam being foolish, but in love, also fell for the bait. He too ate the 'bad fruit.' Consequence: their spirits died that day, exactly as God had promised. Their spirits were cut off from God and sin entered their hearts.

As the years have progressed, I have pondered the story of Adam and Eve, I have asked the Holy Spirit to reveal to me some characteristics of Eve so that I could spot them actively working within a woman's heart. This request was for the purpose of discernment so that I would not align myself with this type of woman, and also so I could help heal women who struggle with this issue.

Characteristics of The Spirit of Eve:

1. Pride.

A woman with this spirit secretly thinks she is superior to some to all men, and she has little to no respect for men. Thus, she sees men as 'inferior.'

This is typically because a key male figure in her life damaged her trust and respect toward men, which I will further discuss in the next point.

Cure: Learn Humility.

Humility is thinking no more highly of yourself than what God speaks of you. The ultimate example of humility was Jesus. Though He was God, He humbled Himself by becoming a man, not to force His kingdom upon others, but to love and serve. The key to conquer pride then, is to learn and practice service and humility.

2. Unresolved Offenses/Bitterness.

Typically, a woman with the spirit of Eve has a huge unresolved offense with a man or many men from her past. This type of woman has typically encountered some type of deep abuse or traumatic encounter at the hands of a man/men. She may have been raped or sexually assaulted, etc. This is especially damaging when the man who wounded her was someone she should have been able to trust such as a brother, father, uncle, or other family member.

Regrdless of the type of offense, a deep unresolved anger festers in her heart and soul and turns into a spirit of bitterness, fear, and control. She believes that she can't trust any man and therefore attempts to control all men. Secretly, this is a 'root of bitterness.'

Hebrews 12:15 (NASB) says this:

"See to it that no one comes short of the grace of God; that no root of bitterness springing up causes trouble, and by it many be defiled."

A woman with a root of bitterness will attempt to dominate and control men which is actually an unresolved offense with a specific man/men from her past. This root of bitterness when left unchecked, festers, grows, then causes trouble and defiles many others according to Hebrews 12:15. This is why Paul commands 'grace.'

Cure: Forgiveness

It is baffling to me that men, at times, can be so evil. Most rapes occur by men. Most murders also occur by men. Men are by nature more aggressive and violent than women, however these are acts performed by men who are doing evil. A woman who needs to forgive a man for some traumatic experience needs to comprehend this truth.

God's word strictly forbids these types of actions and yet God allows free will. Like Adam and Eve, we all have a choice to not obey or to obey God's Word and His voice.

God's perfect will is that humanity obey His words and only perform acts of selfless love and kindness.

To experience full healing, a woman with hurts and offenses must work through all her past traumatic experiences one by one, and choose to forgive her offenders even though they probably don't deserve it.

God is love and mercy. We as believers are to extend the same type of love and mercy upon others that we ourselves desire to experience. Remember what Jesus said on the cross, "Father forgive them, for they do not comprehend what they are doing." The key to overcome this spirit is by offering forgiveness.

3. Rebellion.

A woman with deep unresolved traumas and dissappointments, who does not resolve these issues, may eventually become rebellious. These deep unhealed wounds and scars fester into a full on 'god complex.' A person with a god complex can react two different ways: either they do not believe in God, or hate God because of all the pain and disappointments they have endured or they want to 'be god.'

In the first scenario, their pain turns to secret hatred and their hatred into rebellion. Because the 'root of bitterness' has taken over control in their heart and soul, they refuse to obey God's voice or His Word and they rebel against His authority in their lives. They absolutely refuse to submit.

Rebellion can also be very deceitful. A woman may appear to be outwardly submissive but be rebellious on the inside. She may be withholding one primary area from God to which she does not want to submit. Even one area of disobedience to God and His word, is still rebellion.

In the second scenario, this kind of woman (or man as I pointed out in the introduction), views themselves as thier own god: authority. They answer to no one but themselves. The Bible equates this kind of person to a witch or witchcraft, and idolatry. (1 Samuel 15:23). When God tells this person to go right, they go left. When He tells them to repent, they sin more. Their fruit proves they have a spirit of rebellion and thus a spirit of Eve.

Cure: Healing and Submission

The key to curing rebellion is typically healing a past trauma which turned to full on bitterness. This person needs a word from God about their past and pain and why He allowed it. This person may be bitter about a situation in their life in which they thought they were in control of, but then they lost control.

This kind of person needs a very deep heart healing and this healing usually does not occur overnight. It usually takes prolonged counseling or life coaching to help heal the wounds so that they can view God as a loving Father who can and should be trusted. When the wounds heal, their faith and trust in God can be restored, and they can learn to submit to God words and His authority. Therefore, healing leads to submission.

4. Manipulative and Controlling.

A woman with the spirit of Eve is typically manipulating or outright controlling. Just as Eve manipulated Adam to eat the bad fruit, this woman will manipulate and control others because she wants to be 'worshipped as god.' Again, this goes back to a root of pride as mentioned in point one.

Because of her manipulative and controlling spirit, she craves authority and domination over men. She typically seeks positions of power and influence. She is convinced that she can do a better job leading than a man. In some cases this may actually be true. Some women may lead better than a man in certain positions however, according to 1 Timothy 2, God has ordained a structure of men, women, and leadership.

As Paul begins his letter to Timothy in chapter 2 he says this, "I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men, for kings and all who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity."

According to this passage we are to pray for "all men and kings and all who are in authority." Then Paul lists the reason why. "So that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity."

Paul then gives this command in verses 11 and 12:

"A woman must quietly receive instruction with entire submissiveness. But I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet."

This passage has often been violated and justified by modern churches or parachurch organizations. Because of the women's liberation movement, equal rights and similar movements, society has reinterpeted the Word of God to fit 'modern standards.' Somehow, we have justified outright disobedience to God's Word.

This is absolutely baffling to me. When I see this occuring, I typically look for a woman with 'the Spirit of Eve,' and usually a woman with this spirt can be discovered 'secretly or openly in control.'

Because this is such a hotly debated issue in modern churches, I would encourage you to read this article and do more research on this subject. My teaching and this teaching below are not issues of chauvinism or discrimination, but rather of biblical interpretation and adherence.


The New Testament leaders taught that women could lead and teach children and other women, but not men. Women were strictly forbidden to teach or have authority over men. My next point explains why. Those who long to walk most closely to the heart of God, and receive His blessings, obey His Word and this teaching.

A Jezebel Spirit

A Spirit of Eve, if left unrepented of, can turn into a Jezebel Spirit. A Jezebel Spirit is the worse type of deceitful spirit found in a woman. It can manifest a variety of traits including: stubborness and rebellion (refusal to submit to God's authority structure), male domination, sexual immorality, idol worship, and persecution of true prophets. Jezebel in the scriptures was the king Ahab's wife, thus we discover she loves high places of power, influence, and control.

So headstrong is this demonic spirit, that it manipulated a king (her husband) and his kingdom to worship false dark gods. Many people tend to think of a Jezebel Spirit as sexual immorality and although Jezebel in the Bible was this way, this is only one trait. A Jezebel Spirit does not have to replicate all the same characteristics as the Jezebel in the Bible, merely some of them.

As proof that a Jezebel Spirit is a very real thing, Jesus rebuked the church in Thyatira for 'tolerating the woman Jezebel...who calls herself a prophetess, and she teaches and leads my bondservants astray...I gave her time to repent, but she does not want to repent..." (Revelation 2:19-21 NASB).

If you would like to learn more about a Jezebel Spirit, you can read this article:


Cure: Repentance: Surrender/Submission

REPENT: Humble yourself. Learn God's order of Biblical authority and leadership. Ultimately, learn to trust God through the men He chooses to lead. Learn Biblical submission and ultimately surrender the control of your life to God. Invite the Spirit of God to take total control of your heart, life, and position of influence. Invite true prophets to speak into your life and position of influence. Embrace their words. Genuine repentance for a woman with the spirit of Jezebel would be submission to God, and to embrace and support God's true prophets.

Therefore, the key is genuine repentance, surrender, and submission.

5. Women are More Easily Deceived.

Next, in verses 13-14 Paul explains why women were not to lead: "For it was Adam who was first created, and then Eve. And it was not Adam who was deceived, but the woman being deceived, fell into transgression." Paul lists two reasons why women are not to teach or have authority over men.

God Created Adam First

The first, is simply because God created Adam first. This means God must lean toward masculine tendencies because He created man first. I've heard it argued that God is Spirit and has no gender, but this simply isn't true. God seems to have two genders: male and female. Otherwise humanity would only have one gender.

God is Spirit, but Reveals Himself as Two Distinct Genders

God, the Trinity, reveals Himself three distinct ways in scripture. Let's look at the obvious. First, God is always referred to as a Father (never a mother.) Second, when Jesus came to earth, He was a man (not a woman). This means the Father and Son lean toward masculinity.

This must mean that God is intrinsicly masculine, yet God is definitely not chauvinistic. God exhibits both masculine and female tendencies, yet God leans toward maculininty. This is not a statement 'that men are better than women.' This is not an issue of 'one is better than the other.' This is an issue of God's revelation of Himself to humanity and how it relates to Biblical leadership.

God is love. Just as God created Eve from the rib of Adam, God created both Adam and Eve from within His own Spirit. Although God is primarily masculine, apparently He also has a 'feminine side' hidden deep within Himself. In fact, I would liken this to the Holy Spirit as He is revealed as a dove in scripture. When you think of a dove, you normally think 'feminine.' When you think of a hawk or eagle, you normally think 'masculine.'

God is Father, Son, and Spirit

It seems to me that God is the Father, Jesus is the Son, and the Spirit is the more feminine aspect of the Trinity. If this weren't true, why does Revelation 22:17 say, "The Spirit and Bride say, 'Come.'" In this verse the Holy Spirit is revealed alongside a bride. In other words, the Holy Spirit is the feminine aspect of the Trinity. If I'm doing the simple math right, the Trinity seems to reveal Himself as 1/3 feminine and 2/3 masculine.

Again, this IS NOT a statement of women are inferior to men. This is simply an attempt to properly interpret scripture and God's revelation of Himself. As proof that I adore and have the utmost respect for God fearing women, I give you the example of my own mother. To me, she is the most amazing mother on the planet. She has been more of an example of God and His love to me than probably anyone else. When two father figures failed me, she remained my constant rock of love. God primarily used her to reveal His love.

Women are More Easily Deceived, and Thus Were Not Permitted to Teach Men

Secondly, the reason women are not to teach or have authority over men is because Paul impled 'women are more easily decieved.' Apparently, Satan knew this to also be true, otherwise he would have encountered Adam in the garden, but he didn't. Satan specifically targeted Eve, because he knew she was more susceptible to his deception. The deception that Eve fell prey to, was to 'become god.' Eve wanted ultimate control just as Satan did. This is an evil rebellious spirit that often masquerades itself as 'God' but is pure evil. Because women are prone to to be more easily deceived and fall prey to this evil spirit, God requires that wives submit to thier husbands. This is also why women were NOT to teach or have authority over men.

One other point needs to me made. Paul didn't say men can't be deceived. He implied, "Women are more easily deceived." In other words, both men and women are susceptable to deception, however of the two genders, women have a tendency to be more susceptible to deception than men do, as proven by Eve.

So here is the principle: God created Adam (the head or leader), then He created Eve, thus women were to submit to their husbands.

Cure: Understand that Submission = Protection and Bathe in God's Truth

Realize that if you are female, you are more suscptible to deception and therefore you need to learn to submit to God's order of authority and protection. God does not give these commands because women are inferior. Absolutely not. In many ways, I peronsally believe women are superior to men and I have the utmost repsect toward kind and God fearing women. My own mother included.

God gives these commands for your protection. Godly men inherently desire to want to fight for and protect those whom they love. Godly men love God and desire to obey His word so that His love flows freely within their own hearts to their families and to all they encounter.

Therefore, the ultimate cure for the spirit of Eve which leads to deception, is to submit to God's authority and His Word which is truth. God desires that we bathe ours minds and hearts deeply and regularly in His truth.

6. Envy and/orJealousy.

Some other root sins that could be causing a spirit of Eve are envy and jealousy. Envy is basically desiring what someone else has. It could be things or even relationships. Envy is essentially secret lust. It is the fear of not getting something you want, thus motivated by fear.

Jealousy however, is the fear of being replaced by another. When a woman is jealous, she is constantly suspicious that her husband might cheat upon her, thus she is afraid of being replaced by another. Sometimes these fears are justified, but sometimes they simply aren't. Again, jealousy is also moitvated by fear.

Fear is essentially a self-fulfilling prophecy. Job said it best in 3:25 (NASB), "For what I fear comes upon me, and what I dread befalls me." Fear is essentially negative karma. You attract what you fear. This is why God repeatedly exhorts believers in scripture, "Do not fear, but rather be strong and courageous."

These fears can then potentially create a 'spirit of Eve.' Whether envy or jealousy, a woman with these qualities attempts to control the people and circumstances in her immediate surroundings so that she can affect the outcome. Envy and jealousy often lead to forms of manipulation and control becasue of her own root desires and fears.

Cure: Surrender to Love

The cure is certainly not to become more secretly manipulative. The cure is total surrender. The Bible says that 'perfect love casts out all fear.' In other words, love is the cure.

When you surrender control to God, the fear leaves and so does the need to control. A woman who trusts God, surrenders her heart and life to God, and trusts that He has her best interest at heart. When you surrender, peace floods your soul. God's heart is most closely alligned to those with the greatest capacity for surrender. Those with the greatest capcity of surrender have no need to control, for they trust God for the final outcome. Those with the greatest capacity of surrender are also the ones with the greatest capacity to love, and therefore the one's whom God blesses most.

7. Primary Root: Fear.

As was just pointed out in point six, fear is usually the dominant spirit behind many of the other root sins. Envy, jealousy, manipulation, control, rebellion, bitterness, and pride are often motivated by unresolved pain (bitterness) and/or underlying fears.

Satan himself is actually a spirit of pride and fear and he manipulates and controls people appealing to and using their own pride and fears just as he did to Eve.

Dominated by this spirit, Eve feels the need to control others, but especially men. And this typically goes back to a traumatic encounter with a specific male figure. Some women with the spirit of Eve will never overcome, but some will. Some will heal and learn to humbly submit to God's loving guidance and leadership in their lives. It takes a woman with tremendous strength and courage to humbly submit to God's plan of church leadership, so she can overcome her fears.

Cure: Encounter God as Love and Humility

Ultimately, the cure is to experience the 'love of God.' Notice I used the word experience. It is one thing to hear about, and be taught about the love of God. It is entirely another to experience it personally. Many have been taught about the love of God, but haven't yet encountered it.

To know about God and to know God are two very different experiences. The ultimate cure for all sin and fear is to 'encounter God's love' in real time. When you encounter His love, healing begins. As healing continues, surrender increases. As surrender increases, fear leaves, and love grows. As love grows, submission to God's written and verbal words increase. For love isn't knowledge or theory, love is relationship. Ultimately, loving God means full surrender, obedience, and submission.

Ultimately, love is an intertwining of your heart, mind, and will to the heart, mind, and will of God. And where the Spirit of God dwells, there is healing, freedom, forgiveness, perfect love, and submission.

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