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The Seven Stages of the Circle of Life

Have you ever noticed that there seems to be a battle against your dreams? Turnning your dreams into reality can feel like a battle against unseen forces that are trying to keep you down. The good news is that Jesus came to give you life and that means he wants you to live your dreams. Today, I'd like to share one principle of dreams that I have discovered on my journey.

In the future I will either write a book or create a seminar/workshop on what I call, The Seven Stages of the Circle of Life. All dreams follow a circle or a process, and there are seven stages in this process. Once you understand the process that God has hardwired into the cosmos, you can begin to understand where you are in the process and how to cooperate with God to accomplish your dreams. Today, I want to share with you stage two.

Stage Two: The Death of Dreams

I know, this doesn’t sound like good news, but trust me, it is. Before any dream can be supernaturally fulfilled, your dream must die. Also, the bigger your dreams, typically the more deaths they seem to experience. This principle is critical to understand so that you don’t lose hope in the process.

Let me illustrate. Jesus’ dream was to establish the kingdom of God upon the earth. When he was teaching his disciples about his dream, they thought he was going to set up his kingdom immediately. They didn’t yet understand the dream circle stages.

Jesus explained stage two of the process like this: “I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. Anyone who loves their life will lose it, while anyone who hates their life in this world will keep it for eternal life” (John 12:24-25 NIV).

Seeds are some of the most powerful life forces on the planet. Have you ever held a seed in your hand? They don’t seem like much, but inside that hard, outer shell is life. Seeds contain the power to multiply life in the most profound ways. When you plant a single pumpkin seed and it grows just one pumpkin, that pumpkin can contain 500 or more seeds. 1 = 500 in this scenario, but the first seed must die to bring life. Then, if you plant all 500 of those seeds in that one pumpkin, you could potentially get 250,000 seeds in just two plantings. Are you getting the picture? First however, all seeds (dreams) must die!

How do seeds die? Seeds die when you bury them alone in the cold, dark, damp soil. Then, when all the conditions are just right, the soil, sun and water cause that first seed to crack open (die) thus exposing the life within. The life within the seed begins to grow and mature until it produces fruit.

In this passage in John 12, Jesus was explaining to his disciples that he was about to be crucified and buried just like a seed. He was attempting to explain to them once he was crucified and buried, that just like a seed, his life would come bursting forth. Of course, they didn’t understand that yet. Once he was in the tomb, they lost all hope, assuming that their Messiah was dead and gone. However, the reality was that his life was just waiting to be supernaturally resurrected and multiplied.

Here’s the principle of stage two: All dreams must die before they can be reborn. Even Jesus’s dream of his kingdom had to die so that it could be reborn. And dreams don’t typically die just once. The bigger your dream, the more times it must die and be reborn. So, if your dream is big, be prepared for God to allow it to be crucified multiple times. Oh joy! (Sarcasm intended.)

Because God has hardwired this principle into the universe, it’s impossible to circumvent. God will require your dreams to die in order to be reborn. Strange as this is, even when you understand this principle and the process, it’s still going to hurt. You will feel pain and you might grow discouraged. You might even at some point in your journey, lose all hope. Dreams that die, just plain hurt. However, when you learn and cooperate with stage four and five (which I will explain at a later time), God will astonishingly resurrect your dreams and multiply them with supernatural power so profoundly, that it will consume the entire earth. So, the next time God is allowing one or more of your dreams to die, don’t lose hope. God is about to do something supernaturally marvelous in you!


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