Forgiveness: The Path to Healing

(Dear Ladies: This blog contains content which may stir up unresolved pain and emotions from your past. If you are not currently in a place of personal reflection, I suggest you read this blog later.)

There is a silent epidemic in the world of women today that is seeking to devour your soul. I have recently been observing the news and twitter feeds—primarily regarding Hollywood—and have discovered a string of revenge feeds upon men who have crossed the line sexually toward women. These negative feeds are what has prompted this blog.

As a woman, during your lifetime, you have most likely experienced some type of pain at the hands of a man or men. Some women have been raped. Others of you have been inappropriately fondled. Some women have had unwanted sexual advances. Others of you have been cheated upon by a boyfriend or husband. These actions are inappropriate at all times, but that doesn’t negate the fact that some of things may have happened to you. After these things occur, you are left with the uninvited shame and pain of these experiences, often to suffer with for years in silence.

First, I want to say that whatever negative encounters that you may have experienced, you did not deserve—ever. These types of actions have always been, and always will be exceedingly wrong. Unfortunately, bad things occasionally do happen to good people. These bad, painful experiences will change you. They will either bring out the worst of you, or the best of you. It’s a conscious choice.

Pain, when left unresolved, becomes what the Bible calls, “a root of bitterness springing up causing trouble.” (Hebrews 12:15 NASB) You’ve probably heard the saying, “Hurting people, hurt people.” This is why it is so vitally important to deal with your pain and grant forgiveness.

Women who have been deeply wounded by men, and who have not yet resolved their pain, subconsciously project their anger toward other men in their life. They typically attempt to control men as a means of either revenge or a way to protect themselves from future pain. These types of women can also become promiscuous and subconsciously use sex as a weapon to control men.

Unresolved pain leads to anger, resentment, and bitterness: all of which are a prison. If you haven’t yet discovered freedom from your past and extended conscious forgiveness toward all your offenders, you are, at this very moment, a prisoner. Your own heart and soul is locked in a dungeon of pain and resentment, which can cause you to lash out at men whom you feel justified of these attacks. It's time to let go of your past and be healed.

Today, you can find freedom. If you are one of the women I have mentioned above, today I speak total freedom over your life. You are free from the pain, it no longer has a hold on you. You are free from the shame, it no longer defines you. You are free from anger, resentment and bitterness. Your trials were meant to guide you to a far better destiny. You are filled with hope, joy, love and complete forgiveness. Restoration washes over your heart like a pure refreshing fountain flowing through your soul. Let tears of healing flow.

You are now defined by pure grace: how you respond with mercy and forgiveness. You are now healed. You are completely whole. You are stunningly beautiful. You are cherished like no other. You will gain a new respect for specific men in your life who treat you like a queen. Your future is brighter than than the morning sun. All the men in your life will treat you with dignity, honor and respect. You are forever safe. You will be adored and valued as the greatest of all treasures. Your worth is priceless. You are loved. Because you have chosen the path of mercy, kindness, and forgiveness, you are truly healed.

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