The Dance

The night is young.

The stars are gleaming bright.

Across the yard, I have been captivated by a light.

The moon is glowing,

Shining upon your gorgeous face,

Revealing stunning beauty

With such amazing grace.

Alone you are standing,

Watching as others dance,

Wondering, “Where is my prince?

When will I get my chance?”

All the while I’ve been dreaming of you

From across the lawn,

Studying this game of chess

Before I move my first pawn.

The band is playing.

The lights are down low.

I have fallen for an angel,

But how do I let it show?

How should I approach her?

What’s my opening line,

To approach such beauty,

An angel quite divine?

Courageously I stand to my feet

And walk across the yard,

Like playing a game of hearts

And laying the first card.

My heart is pounding,

But destiny is what I feel.

Am I just dreaming

Or are you truly real?

Deliriously smiling,

I am standing by your side.

Intense feelings

I am unable to hide.

I gaze into your eyes.

Yours latch onto mine.

You whisper, “I have been waiting

For you all this time.”

Boldly, I stretch out my hand.

“Isn’t tonight wonderful

And this affair so grand?

You are so gorgeous,

I couldn’t resist the chance

To tell you that

All my dreams would come true

If you would give me this dance!”



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