Healing Single Women

For the past several months I have been thinking about single women who have been hurt emotionally, physically, sexually, or financially by men in their lives. You may not be currently single or maybe you're about to be going through a divorce, but these truths still apply. If you’ve ever been wounded by your father, brother, a boyfriend, your husband, an ex-husband, or any other man, let me encourage you to not cling to your anger or pain any longer. Let your past go. Let the forgiveness flow so you can move forward with your life. Only when you let go and forgive the men from your past will you be truly free.

Let me challenge you with some THOUGHTS ABOUT GOD AND YOUR FUTURE HUSBAND:

(I have written the "thoughts" below in present tense as I feel they make a greater impact.)

God is my Father and His intentions toward me are only good.

He loves me immensely and has dreams in store for me that are far greater than my comprehension.

He has allowed pain in my life from people to mold my character and guide me toward my destiny.

God loves me so much that he has chosen the perfect man for me.

My future husband knows and understands me possibly better than I know myself.

He sees all my faults, weaknesses as well as amazing strengths and he completely loves and adores me.

When I am weak, He desires to be my strength.

He desires to hold me when I am sad and be the shoulder I cry upon. He wants to mend my broken places.

His heart toward me is only good.

He wants to marry me and love me in the bad times and good.

He never wants to leave my side.

He longs to be faithful to me forever.

He desires to help me grow and become all the woman I am capable of becoming.

When he looks at me he sees beautiful on the outside and in.

He believes in me like no one ever has.

He sees my true potential and encourages me to reach for the stars.

He is my #1 fan and greatest supporter.

He desires to hold me, comfort me, and make tender love to me regularly.

My future husband longs to be my lover, my hero, and my soulmate that I can depend upon for forever.

God knows whom He has chosen for my future husband…and I will be patient to wait for His timing.

(If this helped you, share it with a friend, and print it so you can read it regularly.)

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