Dancing in a Crowded Room

What Love Looks Like in Real Life

This past Friday night I went to a club with my two best friends from college to listen to live music. We strode up to the dimly lit courtyard and noticed a stairway leading down into the the underground attraction where we would spend our evening.

We arrived early in a small but cozy bar that was sparsely crowded. The three of us observed a guy - probably in his mid thirties - sitting directly behind us with his rather attractive wife. Before we knew it, all of us struck up a conversation.

He told us that they were from Alabama and had driven to Nashville on this night (on their way to somewhere else) just to see this band and that they had seen them before. He went on and on about how awesome they were, so our expectations for the evening were raised.

Once the band, Groove Addiction, took stage, the momentum shifted dramtically upward and the club had standing room only. The band was so irrisistable that practically everyone stood at their table and began dancing. It was one of those rare nights where nobody could sit still. As outrageously amazing as the band was, something else also captured my attention: the couple that had been sitting behind us. Having briefly met them, their relationship eventually became the object of my observation over the course of the evening. I causually observed them converse. I watched as they danced. I was struck but what I saw. I observed a man totally and completely in love. He didn't even for one second take his eyes off her. The entire night he was captivated by only her. He never for one moment scanned the room to see if there were any other attractive women. He had eyes for only her. Being so moved by his complete devotion, and whispering a prayer for the same thing, I had to say something to him. I didn't want to interupt his attention upon her, but I felt compelled to say something since we had briefly met. I scanned my phone for a quote to flash in his face, it read: "You are in love." The next words out of his mouth stunned me, "She's my ex wife."I shook my head in disbelief and he asked her to confirm. She shook her head, "Yes." Now I was definitely curious. He said, "It's been a long road full of pain but we're working to put our marriage back together. We were married for one year before we got our divorce. We go to counseling together, and I go to a men's group and she goes to women's group at church." He said that they had been drinking too much and fighting often and that they both had baggage from previous marriages that they were trying to overcome. It was obvious that they were doing something right. From the outside looking in, everyone would have assumed that they were happily married. The entire night, they were glued to each other. It was by far one of the most inspiring demonstations of love I have seen in quite some time. Their story is a testimony that love often times come through pain and heartbreak. When you're willing to roll up your sleeves and get help from counselors, church friends, etc. God can take the most broken of situations and turn it around into a kind of love that inspires everyone who is observing.

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