Chasing the Heart of God: The Lover

God longs to be desired, pursued, hungered for, and even chased. God doesn't simply want obedience. Slaves obey their masters, but they don't love them. He craves that our desires become His desires. He longs for our heart and His heart to be so entwined that they are one and the same. He doesn't simply want an external entwining, but that our passions and His passions become so mixed together that they are one and the same. God longs to be craved.

In every generation God searches for hearts that long for Him with relentless passion; that pursue love above all else. He desires to find hearts that won't allow the distractions of fame, power, pleasure, or riches to entice them away from loving Him. Things cannot satisfy the soul the way only God can. Love alone fulfills the heart’s deepest longings.

God's Name is Love

The bible says that God is love. God isn't just love. His name is LOVE. His essence is love. His heart is love. When God bleeds, it rains love on the earth. Everywhere love is found, God is present. He is that love. He was the one who caused it. God alone is love. All love in the universe is evidence that God is alive and well and on His throne. God's love is like the huge water tower in the sky and we are His fire hydrants. We are merely the vessels that transport the water of His love to where it's needed most.

God is Passion

God is also extreme passion: tender yet wild, alluring and captivating, all consuming but never consumed. God longs to be chased by His people. He is such a wild lover that He will stage grand adventures for us, then He will run ahead of us and hide. He will call out to us to face our fears and follow after Him. He will have us search for Him through the valleys, mountains, rivers, and plains.

He will whisper to us to find Him. He wants to know that nothing in this world will distract us from chasing His heart wherever He leads. God loves us so much that He has created a cosmic game of hide and go seek. He hides and we attempt to find Him. Once we do, we do it all over again and again.

At every turn, when we surrender and chase Him, blessings will be there to overtake us, but He doesn't want us chasing Him for the blessings. He wants us to chase Him because we long to be where He is and because He is our heart's desire. He hides. We chase Him. We discover more love than our hearts can fathom. We do it again and again. He hides. We search. We find.

God's word says it like this,

"You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart."

Jeremiah 29:13 (NASB)

Consumed by His Love

God stages these adventures so that we will discover just how much He loves us. His heart toward us in incomprehensible. He has plans for us that our heart's can’t begin to fathom, but greater than His plans, is His heart toward us. He wants us to know Him more intimately than we would know each other, even better than we know ourselves. He longs for this type of relationship with all His children. He wants to reveal Himself to us. He longs for us to experience a love so profound that our heart's race at the thought of it: our eyes glisten just to see it, our face beams just to be near it, our mind is totally consumed by it. He desires that we live, eat, sleep, breath and wake to experience His love. This is what Jesus meant when He said, "You shall love the Lord God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind." God wants us to be consumed with love for Him.

The Psalmist said it best like this,

“As the deer pants for the water brooks, so my soul pants for You, O God.”

Psalm 42:1 (NASB)

He has one prerequisite however, for us to reach this level of relationship with Him. It’s not an easy request, but everyone who has ever granted this request to Him has seen Him face to face. These extremely fortunate souls have been so overcome with love that their whole life is spent chasing after God's heart. What is it that God requires of us to know Him as a Lover? Total and complete, all consuming, moment by moment, reoccurring surrender. This is what it means to love.

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