The God of Romance, Passion, and Love

God Had a Dream: to Love and be Loved

God: mysterious, all powerful, all knowing, all present - the creator of all things seen and unseen. Ultimately the bible defines Him as “Love.” Before time and space, Love was very much alone, with the exception of His son, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Imagine God’s dilemma. Being the very essence of love and yet no one to give His love to. God being both a Father and a Son, is male and yet He had no female. There was no counterpart to God.

Therefore, God dreamed a grand dream called history and humanity: a bride to love. God desired to give His incomprehensible love to a woman who would return His love with complete abandon: heart, soul, strength and mind. God longed to be loved and trusted the way a young man longs for the love and trust of a bride.

Love created everything seen and unseen. Planets, galaxies, time, space and ultimately humanity to become not only His bride, but also the bride of His son, Jesus. As proof of what is nearest and dearest to the heart of God, He started with one man in the garden of Eden - alone. This was a reflection of Himself: God in the garden of heaven - alone. He could have created ten thousand men and women from the dust but He didn’t. He created one man in His image: Adam - again, a reflection of himself, for remember, God is masculine. From Adam he took a rib and created one woman: Eve.

This was also a reflection of Himself: He created a bride from within His own heart and breathed into us His own Spirit – the breath of life. God wanted us to understand His dilemma. He had so much love to give and no one to reciprocate His love. Adam experienced the aloneness of God first hand and longed for a companion just as God Himself longed for a companion.

The First Marriage

To demonstrate how deeply intimate God wanted us to communicate and relate to Him, He revealed the first marriage of Adam and Eve. The Grand Lover created passion, sexual intimacy and even orgasms. This puts sexual intimacy on a whole new level. It's an extremely valuable experience meant only to be shared with your soulmate: a picture of the kind of intimacy God longs for us to experience with Him.

Ponder this. God, who is invisible wanted to reveal to humanity what He is like, so He created a man and a woman and sexual intimacy between them. He gave us the ability to experience extreme pleasure through touching, kissing, intercourse and orgasms. Mankind didn’t dream up sex. God did. God himself is the author of love, passion, romance, soul and sexual connection. What does this tell you about God? Besides having an extremely wild imagination, he is also a passionate lover, and that's just the start of who He is.

The Marriage of the Lamb and His Bride

The bible is not a religious book. It is not even a book of do’s and don’ts. It’s a love letter. It is a letter from a Groom to His bride. The Groom has written to His bride throughout all of history calling out to those who would love Him, heart, soul, mind and strength. This is why the greatest two commandments are to love God and others with everything we’ve got.

The book of Revelation unveils the most epic wedding of all time. It’s called, “The marriage of the Lamb.” The book of Revelation has a tremendous amount of prophecy, allegory and visions which have various interpretations by scholars, but at least three things are clear. There is a dragon chasing a woman. (Rev. 12) There is a knight with a sword on a white horse, who conquers the dragon. (Rev. 19) Finally, there is wedding between the Great Knight and His bride. (Rev 19, 21)

You see, the bible both begins and ends with a marriage. What an author chooses to start and end his book with will tell you a great deal about what that author values. God is love. He created humanity to become His bride. He values marriage far more highly than we have possibly realized. He created sexual intimacy to be shared between husband and wife as a picture of how intimate He longs to relate to us if we will open our hearts to Him.

God is Pursuing You

If you are reading this right now, He is whispering your name. Can you hear His voice? He is pursuing you as a groom would pursue a bride. Will you search for Him with everything you've got? Will you love Him heart, strength, soul and mind? He is longing to reveal to you just how inconceivable and unconditional His love is for you. You’re not just invited to the grandest wedding of all time, you are the center of everyone’s attention. You are the bride of Jesus: gorgeous beyond comprehension. He is your Groom: all the love your heart has ever dreamed and hoped for. Will you give Him your whole heart?

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