Creating Genuine Romance

Women love a true gentleman: a man who regularly demonstrates manners. A man who knows how to value a woman, show her respect and esteem her regularly is what most women crave. What does it look like to show that you value your woman? There are dozens of ways to prove to her that she has great worth in your eyes. Listed below are a few. The more you do these things regularly, the more she will blossom and love you in return. Open Doors

When going out to dinner (or anywhere else) open her car door, both when she is getting in and getting out. Always open building doors too. Doors are symbolic. A doorway is an entry point to a new adventure. Opening those doors for her will demonstrate your leadership and say to her that you want her to join you on that adventure. Her respect for you will grow sky high as you continually open new doors. Dream Together

What are your wife’s dreams? Have you ever asked her? If she had unlimited resources do you know what she would do with the time and money? It doesn’t matter what your resources are now, discover her dreams and help her live them, even on the smallest of levels. This is one of the highest forms of loving her. Wait for Her

At the end of dinner, if she has to go to the bathroom, don’t wait out front for her, and certainly don’t go to the car without her. Wait somewhere near the restroom door for her to come out so that you can walk together. Also, never complain about how long you have to wait. Learn to wait patiently. I remember reading somewhere that love is patient. Walk Beside Her

Marriage is an equal partnership. One way you demonstrate this is how you walk with your wife. Never ever leave her behind. Unless you are leading her through a mountain hike or somewhere dangerous, never walk in front of her. Walk beside her. In crowded situations sometimes it’s best to lead her through a crowd, but under most circumstances walk beside her showing her that you are there for her at all times and that you view her as equal.

Hold Her Hand

Discover her preference regarding holding hands and do that often. Not all women are the same. Some love holding hands, others do not. If she loves holding hands do that for her, in the movies, at concerts, any place where it would be appropriate. Show Her Regular Affection

Again some women love affection, others not as much. If your wife loves it, give it to her. Cuddle whenever appropriate. Stoke her cheek. Play with her hair. Give her back rubs in private. Cuddle on the couch while you’re watching a movie. Give her hugs too, daily. Sometimes a simple quiet but extra-long embrace can make the whole world better in her eyes. No words need to be exchanged. Just a long tender embrace. Leave Her Notes

Leave her little sticky notes everywhere. Hide them. In the refrigerator, in her underwear drawer, on her steering wheel and especially on her computer screen. Find places you know she will find them later. You will bring her a huge smile every time she discovers one. Give Her Gifts

Everyone receives love differently. Some women feel loved when you give her unexpected gifts. They don’t necessarily have to be big. Small gifts given unexpectedly will brighten her day. It might be as simple as a card or balloons. It could be a gift certificate to her favorite store. It might be a dozen red roses out of the blue. These small gestures will make a big impact in her heart and she will think you are the king of the world. Give to “Causes” Together

Find things that your wife has a heart for. Say something like, “Baby, what causes are you really passionate about? What could we do together to invest in these causes?” Invest your time, talent and money into these. When you work as a couple to support the things she is passionate about, she will go out of her way to make sure you get time to do the things you are passionate about. Remember, women love in response to how they are loved.

Thank Her for All She Does for You

If she cooks or cleans, or does your dirty laundry, cleans your house, etc. Never take these things for granted. Don’t simply assume that these are her job. Help her. Do the dishes. Take out the trash. Don’t expect her to “serve” you. Rather you serve her and she will fall madly in love with you daily and take even better care of you. Praise Her in Public and Private

Do not pick out her faults in public, instead praise her. Women will rise to your praise, not your criticism. (So will your men, women!) If you have a disagreement, never ever do it in public. Take it somewhere private and settle your differences. Come out of your disagreements with a team mentality, then conquer the world together. Pray Together

Let your wife in your heart. Tell her your fears, dreams and struggles. Let her tell you hers too. Then make a prayer list and prayer together. Pray regularly even if it’s once a week. This will allow each of you to enter deeper into each other’s heart. Flirt with Her Regularly

Tease her lovingly and appropriately. Tell her how beautiful she is regularly. Say and do things to remind her how she gets your motor purring. Your wife wants to know that you find her sexually attractive. Let her know that you do. Make Her a Mix Tape

Okay so we don’t have cassettes anymore, but we do have iTunes and Spotify. You want to give her an amazing Valentines gift? Make her a playlist of songs of how you feel about her. This just might beat out a box of chocolates. Kiss Her Passionately

Women love passionate kisses. Not just pecks. Learn to kiss really good. Tease her with your kisses. Kiss her neck, shoulders, etc. Kiss her regularly. Kiss her without it leading to sex. She doesn’t want to feel like everything always has to lead to sex. When you maintain your self-control and simply kiss her passionately, sometimes she will initiate the physical intimacy. Let her.

Make Love to Her Often

Some women really enjoy sex, while others it’s not as important. The more you do the things listed above, the more her sex drive will increase. She won’t be able to keep her hands off you. God made women responders. They love in the manner they are loved. If you love her well, she will love you in ways unimaginable, including sexually. Wives that feel cherished and deeply valued can’t contain themselves around their man. There will be a constant glow in her heart and smile on her face. The glow and smile will reveal to everyone that she is deeply loved and she will stand by your side and conquer the whole world with you. Most women crave one primary thing: to be loved extravagantly and endlessly. If your relationship needs resuscitating, start with the small things on this list. Make changes. Begin to do the little things that maybe you haven’t done in years. Hold her door. Hold her hand. Dream together. Praise her. Leave her love notes. Kiss her often. Do all these things and your relationship will turn around, and you will experience a revival of romance.

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