You are looking for a life coach, but you're not quite sure what they do, or how one can help you. I define a life coach as: your inspirational mentor who helps you develop spiritually, personally, and professionally so that you can achieve ultimate happiness and success in life.

Part consultant, part motivational speaker, part therapist, and part rent-a-friend, I primarily work with Christian adults, young adults, and leaders helping them define and achieve their goals — spiritually, professionally, relationally.

How is Life Coaching different from therapy, consulting, sport's coaching, or a best friend?



Therapy assumes you have had a past trauma that hasn't been resolved and that you are somehow "broken." A therapist's job is to discover what is broken and help fix it, so you can move forward in life. Therapy is very legitimate and some people do in fact need therapy for past unresolved pain and traumas. Unresolved traumas are like 'soul wounds' that don't simply heal on their own. They need the expertise of a good counselor or therapist to help you pinpoint the trauma and help you heal so that you don't carry emotional baggage from your past into your future. Therapy is about "fixing."

Life Coach

Life Coaching assumes that although you may have past unresolved pain, you have the answers within yourself to help you move past your current situation toward the life you secretly desire.


The purpose of Life Coaching is to help you discover 'road blocks' that are keeping your from realizing 'your ultimate life,' then helping you move past these road blocks. A good coach knows how to ask the right questions to help you determine where you want to go, what's preventing you from getting there, and the next best steps you need to take to help get you there.



A consultant is typically a business specialist. They are usually hired short term to evaluate a business, help define problems, and provide definable solutions. Once the consultant has provided their solution via a report, the consultant collects his/her fee then leaves. There is typically no follow up help in implementing these changes. Consultants are about evalutating, reporting, and making recommendations so that businesses can succeed.

Life Coach


Life Coaches are there for the long haul, or at least as long as you want. A good coach rarely gives you the answers to your problems. An excellent coach is extremely observant and after a session or two, typically understands the road blocks you are encountering that are keeping your from making progress.


Through precise questioning, they help you discover these road blocks, discover your own answers, then help you set goals for change. Coaches are also 'accountability partners' and are there as long as you need them to help make sure you implement your goals toward achieving 'ultimate success.'

Sports Coaches


Sports coaching is most similar to life coaching, except that sports coaching involves "teamwork." Sports coaches typically motivate entire teams to work together. It is their job to determine who is best in which position, who needs certain skills sharpened, etc. so that the team can win. Sports coaching is primarirly about skill development and team leadership for the purpose of helping a team win a championship.

Life Coach

Life Coaches typically work one-on-one, although they can also work with groups. They are there to access your dreams, passions, and goals, then help motivate you toward those goals. It's similar to hiring a personal trainer for working out, except life coaches are your 'personal trainer in life.' 

Best Friend


Everybody needs a few best friends. More often than not, best friends can give good advice but they are typically too close to the situation to give you objective solutions. Oftentimes, best friends are afraid to tell you the truth in a situation lest they hurt your feelings or jeopordize your relationship. Best friends are typically not skilled at helping you isolate the road blocks in your life and helping you move past them. Best friends are just that: friends.

Life Coach

A good life coach is like a best friend who is objective and skilled at asking the right questions. Their primary goal isn't to win you over as a friend, but you help you grow past your current hurdles and road blocks. Ultimately, a life coach is a mixture of all the above. They are part therapist, part consultant, part coach, and part best friend who helps you awaken to your dormant dreams and passions so you can achieve 'ultimate happiness and success in life.'

The Success Equation: The 7 Secret Keys to Ultimate Life Success

Before I began my life coaching practice, I spent five years writing my most recent book and also creating the foundation for my coaching practice. During this time, I discovered The 7 Secret Keys that when understood and properly applied, intrinsicly help create ultimate happiness and life success.

Therefore, one of the first things I do with my coaching clients is to help you comprehend The 7 Secret Keys to Ultimate Life Success or what I call: The Success Equation. 

I have developed a free resource that defines this simple formula and illustrates The 7 Secret Keys. If you would like a copy of this resource, I'd be happy to email it to you.