Legendary Business Development

4 Hour Training Session for Business Owners 

An Overview of Topics Include:

1. Business Name - Your business name is your legacy. Who do you want to known as?

2. Company Core Values/Ethics - What is the foundational belief system of your business?

3. Mission Statement - In one sentence, what your business do?

4. Products/Services - What are all the products or services you provide?

5. Target Market - Who do want to sell these products or services to?

6. Branding - This is your "signature" that defines you from your competition. What is your brand?

7. Logo - Succesful businesses have clean and clever logos. Do you?

8. Tagline - What is your tagline/catch phrase that tells your customers what you are going to do for them?

9. Marketing - Can you tell me all the ways you are currently marketing or desire to market?

10. Website Development - Do you know basic rules of website development? Is your website following them?

11. Work Environment - Every business has an "environment" what is yours?

12. Customer Service - What would your customers say?

13. Profit and Giving - Business is about making a profit, but it's also about giving to those in need. Who does your business give to?

14. Business "Partnerships"- Great parnerships make for successful businesses. Who are aligning yourself with?

15. Research at Least 3 Major Competitors - Have you spent a few days researching your top 3 competitors? What can you learn from them? How can you improve?

16. Setting and Implementing Goals - Successful leaders set and implement goals. What are your short term and long term goals?


Cost: $400

Optional: 2 Hour Monthly Coaching Follow Up