What is a

Life Coach?

Your inspirational mentor who helps you develop spiritually, professionally, and relationally
so that you can achieve ultimate happiness and success in every area of your life. 
Life Coaches are part therapist, part consultant, part motivational speaker, and part rent-a-friend.
I primarily work with Christian adults, young adults, and  leaders,
helping them define and achieve their goals — spiritually, professionally, and relationally.



As I have journeyed through life, I have discovered that there are 7 Secret Keys that you must understand and apply if you want to live an ultimately happy and successful life. The 7 Keys are built around this analogy: Life is a Journey. 


When you want to go on a journey to an exciting destination, you need several key components: a reliable vehicle, the proper fuel, a good map app to guide you, the right roads, the proper destination, and the key to your vehicle's ignition. Most of us are so familiar with these components, we typically don't give a second thought to them.


On life's journey, these are the same key components that are required to achieve an ultimately happy and successful life. Get any one of these key components wrong and you could stall your journey. Get two or three of them wrong and you may never make it to your destination. Get all seven of them right and your journey will be life on auto pilot.


The goal of my life coaching is this: help you define success for yourself, then help you discover all 7 proper components/keys that you need to help take you to your destination of ultimate happiness and life success.

The 7 Secret Keys are built upon this simple Success Equation:

Ultimate Life Happiness and Success = Your Greatest Passions + Your Best Relationships

I have developed a free resource that defines this simple formula and illustrates The 7 Secret Keys. If you would like a copy of this free resource, I'd be happy to give it to you. 

Life is a journey:

The 7 Secret Keys to Life Success ©

Inspiration for Life:

Daily Quotes to Propel You Upward

I have always been in love with quotes. I suppose that's why I have chosen to teach about success, passions, and relationships on my instagram and facebook pages with them. My desire is that they challenge and inspire you!

Your Biggest


Your actions, attitudes,

and words are like 

a magnet that attracts

your passions and destiny.

Negative attracts south.

Positive attracts north.

Your Greatest


The difference between

an ordinary life

and an extraordinary life

is a giant leap of faith,

tenacious persistance,

hard work, and praying

 for the supernatural

favor of God.

Your Best


Love (with a spouse) 

is an intertwining

of hearts, minds, souls,

and bodies,

and preferably 

in this order.

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