About David

David River is a life coach, author, and poet who can best be described as an entreprenuer, adventurer, and God lover.

He currently considers his greatest accomplishment as being a father to three of the most amazing young men you could ever meet, as family is his highest priority. In the words of one of his sons, "Our bond as a family was forged in the fire of economic and social adversity, tempered in businesses we built as a family, and satiated in collective love of adventure." 

Being an adrenaline junkie, David likes to listen to virtually every genre of music, drive his Mustang a little too fast, spend a day on the lake with a pontoon boat or jet ski, trail hike, and mountain climb, in an effort to create epic memories and bonds with his family.


In college, he double majored in both Psychology and Biblical Studies. David majored in these two fields because of his passion to understand what makes people tick on both a emotional and a spiritual level.

During his 20's David worked in both Psychiatric Hospitals and college ministries helping people heal emotionally and also helping them establish a deeper spiritual walk. As he also desired to grow personally, David attended multiple churches within a variety of denominations in search of truth which leads to genuine love. This journey led him to attend numerous conferences and seminars in an effort to strengthen his walk with God. As a result, he also became a Precept Bible study instructor and was trained by Kay Arthur.  As David continued to grow, he sought quality mentors such as Peter Lord (Pastor who wrote the book 'Hearing God').


In his late twenties, David's had three young sons along with his wife. Since she was a stay at home mother, David needed to increase their income to support their growing family. Therefore, he launched his first successful business in contracting at the age of 30. Within a couple years, sales reached nearly a half a million annually. As the company grew, David expanded services and his company continued to increase in annual revenue to nearly a million.

In 2007, due to the economic shift, David moved to Nashville, TN to begin a new life. He quickly launched Remodel Pro, a full service remodeling company specializing primarily in high end bathroom and kitchen remodels. Throughout the years, Remodel Pro performed several hundred remodels and worked with one of Nashville's most respected remodeling firms.


In 2008, because of his love for jet skis and the water, he also launched a jet ski rental company: Music City Water Sports. David partnered with Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort and added additional services such as kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, and fly boarding. The partnership with Nashville Shores caused his watersports rental business to soar.


In early 2015 however, while still living in Nashville, David felt a deep stirring to leave these businesses behind to chase a lifelong dream buried deep within his own heart. He desired to combine his spiritual upbringing with his knowledge of psychology and business to create a more wholistic approach to life.

As David attempted to clarify his new coaching passion, he discovered that many life coaches specialize in one area of life such as physical health, or professional growth. As David defined his new passion, he realized he wanted to help people achieve ultimate happiness and maximum success in five crucial areas of life: spiritual, intellectual, physical, financial, and relational. 


In order to focus on this new passion, David gave away one business and sold the other, so he could obtain his life coaching certification from Life Coaching Institute of America. As a result, he established  www.HeartandSoulforLife.com

David's coaching practice is built upon a simple formula he calls "The Success Equation." In it's simplest form it says: 

Your Spiritual Well-being + Your Intellectual Well-being + Your Optimal Physical Health + Your Financial Health +

Your Best Relationships = Maximum Life Success and Happiness 

In an effort to inspire you toward maximum life success and happiness, David has developed a variety of resources around these five components. If you'd like to get to know how David can encourage and inspire you towards ultimate life happiness and maximum success, contact him here: