1. Business Name - Heart of Life

2. Company Core Values/Ethics -


Love – To give is better than to receive.

God first.

Family second.

Friends third.

Then business relationships.

3. Mission Statement - to help others discover love, then clarify their dreams so they can turn them into reality and become successful in life.


(The goal in life isn't simply to be in love, but to help as many as possible also find true love.)

4. Products/Services - Books, Blogs, Inspiration 4 Life, Public Speaking, Seminars, Life Coaching.

5. Target Market - Who do want to sell these products or services to?

6. Branding - See logo.

7. Logo - Yes.

8. Tagline - Better Relationships, Bigger Dreams and Greater Success

9. Marketing - Make a list.

10. Website Development - Do you know basic rules of website development? Is your website following them?

11. Work Environment - Every business has an "environment" what is yours?

12. Customer Service - What would your customers say?

13. Profit and Giving - Business is about making a profit, but it's also about giving to those in need. Who does your business give to?

14. Business "Partnerships"- Great parnerships make for successful businesses. Who are aligning yourself with?

15. Research at Least 3 Major Competitors - Have you spent a few days researching your top 3 competitors? What can you learn from them? How can you improve?

16. Setting and Implementing Goals - Successful leaders set and implement goals. What are your short term and long term goals?