1. Goals and Dreams

2. Spiritual and Emotional Health and Growth

3. Personal Learning and Growth

4. Health and Fitness

5. Relationship with Significant Other/Spouse

6. Sex Life

7. Home/Living Environment

8. Relationships with Friends/Family

9. Relationships with Others

10. Work/Career

11. Volunteering and Charity

12. Fun, Leisure and Recreation

13. Vacations

14. Finances: Investing, Giving, and Retirement Wealth

The Bigger Dreams Life Coaching Course is divided into three distinct sections: discovering your greatest dreams and desires, determing what is holding you back from reaching these dreams, and finally developing a plan of action to help you reach these dreams. The first several days will be spent on discovery.


The foundation of this course is built upon the exclusive CIRCLE OF LIFE diagram. The diagram divides your world into 14 separate categories by which you define your life. The diagram helps reveal your passions and priorities. It enables you to understand what is both least and most important to you, and helps you to determine which areas you want to develop and grow in next. When you comprehend the CIRCLE OF LIFE diagram it enables you to set clearly definable goals that you can achieve, one step at a time. Let's begin discovering your priorities.

Discover Your Passion and Dreams

1. In order to help us understand how happy or satisfied you are in every area of your life, we want you to give a 1 to 10 value for each catergory listed. 1 means you not satisfied at all (ie. needs great improvement) , whereas 10 means you are extremely satsified (ie. needs no improvement)  in this area of your life.

1. Dreams and Goals

2. Spiritual Health and Growth

3. Personal Learning and Growth

4. Health and Fitness

5. Relationships with your Significant Other/Spouse

6. Sex Life

7. Home/Living Environment

8. Relationships with Family and Friends

9. Relationships with Others

10. Work and Career

11. Volunteering and Charity

12. Fun, Leisure and Recreation

13. Vacations

14. Finances - Investing, Giving and Retirement Wealth

2. Review THE CIRCLE OF LIFE diagram. Prioritize the 14 areas from most important to you, to least important. 1 = Most Important. 14 = Least Important (Example: See #5 - Relationship with Significant Other/Spouse. If your relationship with your spouse is MOST important to you, you would check the box 1.)

3. Review THE CIRCLE OF LIFE diagram.

A. Check the TOP three areas that you feel you are best at right now.

B. Check the three areas you feel you need the most improvement in right now.

C. Which three areas would you most like to work on right now? 

4. Review THE CIRCLE OF LIFE diagram above again. This time ask someone close to you (spouse, best friend, parent, child, etc.) if you can explain this diagram to them. Then ask them the questions below. If the person isn't near you, email them this link, then call them on the phone and discuss the diagram and questions. When your done discussing it with them, fill in their answers then click submit.

A. Check the TOP three areas that you feel you are best at right now.

B. Check the three areas you feel you need the most improvement in right now.

C. Which three areas would you most like to work on right now? 

5. What does the word "dream" mean to you? Define it. (Not referring to a night dream.)

A. Do you recognize that everything in life begins with a dream?

Yes  No  Never thought of it like that

B. Based upon the previous question, would you say that all of life (the other 13 areas in THE CIRCLE OF LIFE diagram) begin with a dream?

Yes  No  Never thought of it like that

C. Describe something in your life that began as a dream (thought and desire) that you acted upon and turned into reality. Describe the process from dream to reality. (Example: The time you dreamed of buying a specific car or house or starting a business, etc.)

6. Dream Defined: A thought, desire, passion or goal that originates from your heart and then enters your mind. Dreams either stay in "dream mode" or they become reality because we take action upon our thoughts and desires to make them real.

Based upon this definition, do you currently have any unfulfilled dreams? (They can be anything from relationships, finances, possessions, vacations, etc.) What are they? List as many as you can think of, then # them in priority. #1 being highest priority.

7. List 2 dreams (desires, passions or goals) that you had at one time, that you eventually "captured."How did you obtain each one? How did you feel when you obtained these dreams?

8. List 2 dreams that you chased but didn't catch. How did it make you feel to not reach these dreams?

Why do you think you didn't capture them? What did you learn from this experience?

9. If you could only change only one thing about yourself this year, what would it be? Explain why this is so important to you. Do you want help and encouragement to change this about yourself?

10. Do you volunteer or finacially support any causes? Which ones? What is so important to you about these casues? What is your favorite hobby? What is it about this hobby that you enjoy so much?

11. What is your absolute greatest passion in life and why? Would you say that this passion makes you feel most alive? Why?

12. What accomplishments must happen in your lifetime for you to feel like you have "truly lived?"

Determine What's Keeping You From Your Dreams

13. Are you primarily a head (mind) person or a heart person? List in percenteages: % head, % heart.

Do you ever find that there is a tension between your head and heart? Describe a situation in your life where you had a clearly definable strugggle between your head and your heart. Which one won? Describe the situation and the outcome.


14. A. Describe to me why you feel you are more of a head or heart person.

B. Pretend you are a salesman and you are trying to convince me to buy "more head" or "more heart." Sell me on the benefits of one vs. the other. (The one you believe in most.)

C. What keeps you from letting your heart make most to all of your decisions?

15. Do you recognize the connection between your heart and your dreams? How do you think they are connected? What does this statement mean to you? "Follow your heart, but take your head with you."  

16. Go to google and type in "heart quotes." Research some of these quotes. Write three of your favorites here.

17. Go to google and type in "heart dream quotes." Research some of these quotes. Write three of your favorites here.

18. Do you have any dreams that you feel are unattainable? If so, what are they and why are they unattainble?

19. What is one area that you want to change the most but have the hardest time changing? Why do you think it's so hard to change in this area?


20. What are your greatest fears when it comes to your goals and dreams? How do you think you can overcome these fears?

21. What is the greatest challenge you have ever had to overcome? Describe the situation and how you overcame it.

22. What do you feel is your greatest strength/asset that will help toward achieving your dreams? Describe how this strength operates in a situation.

23. Review all your answers regarding what is holding you back from your dreams and summarize your discovery. What is the #1 thing you need to do differently to accomplish your dreams?

Develop a Plan to Accomplish Your Dreams

24. Did you make any New's Years resolutions? Did you write them down somewhere? What were they? Have you made any progress? If not, why not? Have you tracked your progress? 


25. Prior to this life coaching course, have you ever made a list of dreams/goals that you want to accomplish? Have you made one recently? Do you update this list regularly? Why do you think it might be important to create this list and keep it somewhere where you can review it often?

26. What are your top 2 goals/dreams that you want to accomplish this year? List 3 practical steps that you can take to achieve each dream. Describe your greatest obstacles to achieving these dreams. How do you plan on accomplishing these dreams? 

27. Do you have a personal mission statement? What do you think might be the importance of having a personal mission statement? In you own words, define what you think a mission statement is.


28. To help you understand what a well crafted mission statement is, go to (somewhere) and read these companie's mission statements. Now go to and read our mission statement. From your research today, what one or two things stood out to your about mission statements?

29. Develop and write out your personal mission statement. Make it clear and concise. Your mission statement should include things that you are most passionate about. Put it somewhere where you will see it often. This is your life mission. Make it your absolute best statement.

30. (Needs to be DAY #30)


1. Do you feel this life coaching course helped you grow? If yes, how?

2. What is the #1 thing you learned from DISCOVERING BIGGER DREAMS course?

3. Can you think of 2 or 3 family members or friends who would benefit from this course? If yes, would you be willing to tell them about it and send them this link?

4. The goal of this course is to help you DISCOVER BIGGER DREAMS. Can you think of any way I could improve this course in order to help you more effictively? If yes, please explain.

Post-Coaching Questions:


Do you feel that you want or need more 1:1 life coaching, motivation, or accoutability?

What did you gain most from your life coaching relationship?

Is there anything I could improve in order to help you more?

Would you recommend me to a friend? If yes, please tell me why. 

If you want additional coaching or accoutabililty regarding accomplishing your dreams, you may request additional life coaching time with David. Here.

You may also begin our next course: Building Better Relationships. Click here.

Copyrite all the questions and the system.

Other optinal questions:

  • What are your primary goals that you desire to achieve from life coaching?

  • Are you clear about the role of a life coach?

  • What would you like your coach to do if you struggle with your goals?

  • How will you know when you are receiving value from the coaching process?

  • What approaches motivate/demotivate you?

  • It's been my experience that it's not the size of that problem that matters. It's the size of the urgency or the commitment level that allows people to make positive and lasting change in their lives. One a scale of 1 - 10, how would you describe your level of urgency or your commitment to change your life?

life coaching contract and privacy statements. Your privacy is very important to me.