Dreams, as I define them, are simply unfulfilled desires. Dreams are also: goals, amibitions, objectives, our "bucket list" and can be defined by our personal mission statement. Everyone, typically at every age, has both unfulfilled and fulfilled dreams and desires. Dreams and desires can cross a broad spectrum from better personal relationships, career goals, financial goals, possession goals such as a nicer car or bigger house, more vacations, better health, etc. The possibilities for our desires and dreams are endless.

Although you may not currently see the importance of this topic, you will soon realize that dreams are the foundation upon which your whole life is built. 


Do to the importance of this topic, everyday, for the next 30 days, you will be given homework: one primary question that you will need to answer online and then submit. It's extremely important that you move through this coaching tool slowly: this is why we only allow you to answer one question per day. This comprehensive coaching tool is intended to unlock dreams and desires that you might not have thought about in quite some time. You may have even buried some dreams due to pain or disappointment. As we probe with questions, be as honest as possible with us and with yourself as you answer. You will most likely discover some things about yourself that you weren't aware.  

If you've purchased the "live coaching" package with the coaching course, David will contact you via phone after you have completed 3 days of homework. This will give him time to  review some of your answers and have a better feel for your 


As you follow the process, we hope and pray that your heart will be awakened, your eyes will be opened, and your dreams will come true.

Before you actually begin the course, we will send you a short life coaching questionaire to help us get acqainted with you and 

It is highly recommended that you go through all three courses, and specifically in order. (Need an analogy of a process occuring in order...)

Follow Up Coaching Sessions


Create, create, create!!!

Website has to be a signup site. Connected to automated emails. 30 days of questions. Each question needs to be delivered one per day. Homework needs to be submitted via the website to specified emails: dreams, relationships, success...

The system needs to email them their own answers so they have them.

Build a system that can function seamlessly with high volumes. ie. signup/access to questions/submitting answers/access to fb groups.

Additional Coaching: $150 hour

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